Hon Thom Station (Arrival Station)

Step off the world’s longest 3-wire cable car and arrive in a tropical island paradise inspired by wild Aboriginal culture and unspoiled nature.

Admire the rustic and peaceful architecture made up of unique bamboo lanterns, old brick-walls and ancient wooden domes. Watch as the colorful Koi swim in ponds nestled in the poetic garden space.

Address: Hon Thom Island, Phu Quoc.

Exciting experiences at Hon Thom Station:

  • Check-in at the Lantern house, Tiki statue, Koi aquarium and amongst the unique architecture of the arrival station.
  • Enjoy vibrant performances by international artists.
  • Excite your taste buds by exploring the cuisines on offer at Sunshine Restaurant, Anba Coffee, and more.


Exprience Others:

Hon Thom Cable Car

Slings | 23/07/2018