From 01/10 to 22/12/2023, the multimedia show ‘Kiss The Stars’ (Sunset Town, Nam Phu Quoc) is offering a super special price of only 150,000 Vietnamese dong.

The entrance ticket price for enjoying the Kiss The Stars show has been reduced to only 150,000 Vietnamese dong for both VIP and regular tickets. This promotion is valid from October 1st to December 22nd, 2023.

Children under 1 meter in height are eligible for free admission to the show. This is a special offer that Sun World Hon Thom is implementing to kick off the winter tourism season at what is considered the “holy land of entertainment and fun” in Phu Quoc.

The perfect combination of the beachfront show and fireworks.

Officially “debuting” on December 23, 2022, the first multimedia performance show in Vietnam, “Kiss The Stars – A Kiss Among a Thousand Stars,” has created a special “ripple effect,” as travelers of all ages are eager to witness it with their own eyes. The fantasy story that conveys the message of the power of love has been meticulously crafted and is presented using world-class multimedia technology, combining fire, water, light, laser, music, and more, awakening all senses and evoking boundless emotions. The audience can only exclaim “WOW” at the international standard of this performance show.


The show of the iconic “Kiss The Stars” is not only a high-class multimedia performance but also a symbolic show.

Located in Sunset Town in the southern part of the island, where an array of distinctive and prestigious projects gathers, featuring vibrant Mediterranean-style, Kiss The Stars show symbolizes the pinnacle of world-class technology, contributing to placing Pearl Island on a new height on the international tourism map. Recently, Travel+Leisure, the prestigious American magazine, has announced a list of 23 must-visit destinations in 2023, and Phu Quoc, praised as the “new star of Vietnamese tourism,” is among them.

Kiss The Stars is a collaboration between Sun Group and the renowned ECA2, a brand known for its world-famous multimedia technology performances in 17 countries. This is the first seaside multimedia water show in Vietnam and also the largest multimedia water show in Asia. It marks the world’s first multimedia show with a stage featuring a system of three projecting arches, providing a unique depth to the performance.

With Kiss The Stars, multimedia technology allows images to be unrestricted in terms of length and width. Featuring a water projection screen of nearly 1,000 square meters, the show immerses visitors into a fantasy universe with incredibly authentic sensations. You can feel the heat of fire, the coolness of water, and the awe-inspiring moments of witnessing epic battles in the vast galaxy. According to ECA2, “The technology deployed here is unlike anything else in the world.”

Beyond its state-of-the-art technology and stage, Kiss The Stars also sets a new record for Phu Quoc with a grandstand that can accommodate up to 5,000 seats, doubling or tripling the capacity of similar shows around the world.


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