Floating house

Located right on the beach of Bai Trao Hon Thom, Sun World Floating House with a large area, eye-catching colors is a great play space for the whole family. Sliding on the floats, chasing, dancing as you like in the golden sunshine of Phu Quoc and the clear blue sea is definitely a great relaxing moment for your vacation.

Game characteristics

  • Quantity: Unlimited
  • Time: Unlimited

Safety regulations

  • Please wear life-savers and follow the instructions of the technician throughout the experience.
  •  Do not bring sharp objects that damage the Floating house.

Ticket price


Notes when playing in the Floating house

Because of exposure to sunlight and sea water for a long time, tourists should apply sunscreen, hats, goggles and wear comfortable clothes. Prepare more waterproof bags for electronic items.

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