“Drifting” between romantic scenes, you will find yourself small than ever with the experience of kayaking at Sun World. Sail yourself out in the middle of the immense sea, drop your soul into the wild, majestic nature, watch the red sun disappearing towards the horizon, the shimmering waves will surely be a precious moment of relaxation in the journey to discover the south of pearl island.

Game characteristics

Quantity: Maximum 2 players/time

Time: Unlimited

Admiring the romantic sunset in the sea on a Kayak

Safety regulations

  • Wear a life jacket and follow the instructions of the technician during the game.
  • If any children under 8 years of age participates, please consult the technician.

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Notes when playing kayaking

  • During kayaking, you should keep sitting upright, breathe regularly, relax the shoulders so the boat is always balanced to avoid sea water overflowing.
  • Apply sunscreen, wear hats, glasses, prepare waterproof bags for electronic devices.
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