Single parasailing

If you are a player who loves thrills, wants to explore your limits and conquer the sea of ​​southern Phu Quoc from above, do not miss the “extreme cool” experience with Hon Thom Single parasailing.

Wandering in the air to let each fresh breeze tap into the refreshing, free-flying face to admire the whole panoramic view of the pristine, majestic Southern Phu Quoc sky with vast blue ocean ripples, fine white sand, green vegetation whispering in the wind… will be an especially unforgettable experience for tourists.

Game characteristics

Quantity: Maximum 2 players/time

Time: 15 minutes

Speed: 50 – 80km/h

Altitude: 70 – 100m

Safety regulations

  • Follow the instructions of the technician, wear a life saver and tighten the seat belts.
  • The game is not for children, pregnant women, people with heart diseases and people with height fear.
  • Cano rescue team under the sea follow the journey to ensure absolute safety for tourists.

Ticket price

Ticket price: VND 800,000 /1 player/time and VND 1,200,000 /2 players/time.

Notes when playing Single parasailing

  • Do not carry equipment such as phones, camcorders… when experiencing Single parasailing.
  • If you want to record videos, take photos, you should use the dashcam to record parasailing experience videos to ensure safety and avoid water damage to the device.
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