In celebration of the Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig, an unheard and unseen spring outing extravaganza is to take place at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Sailing the open sea, exploring some hidden cavernous islets at the beginning of the year are a headstart for any visitors. In particular, from February 5 to 14, 2019 (or from Lunar January 1 to 10), Hon Thom cable cars are also featured in a shocking bonus program: ticket fare from just VND200,000 for grown-ups and VND130,000 for children.

The world’s longest sea-crossing cable car route – 7,899.9m – will carry passengers midair through the clouds and allow for the comprehensive 360-degree panorama of the heavenly islets, perennial woods and beaches of An Thoi Islands in Southern Phu Quoc. Getting off cable cars, passengers are then absorbed to white sand beaches and mirror-like sapphire waters bordering perennial woods and otherworldly naturally piled rapids.

  Travelers on Hon Thom Islet in the Lunar New Year 2019 won’t be disappointed with everything the islet has to offer: scuba diving to admire interchanging c oral reefs in all colors or trekking through the woods to capture the unspoiled eternity of the Creator. Let’s bang up your new year with numerous beach and marine sports: parasailing, bounce rafters, coral watching, sea bottom walks or kayaking… all of which are just unforgettable and rewarding pursuits.


Be a wanderer in the vast, largely veiled underwater world or the folklore in this Lunar New Year, or relish the vast array of tastes of Asian and European cuisines that awaken your five senses. This Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig 2019, you must definitely travel to Hon Thom Islet in Southern Phu Quoc to realize that a heaven does exist. Best shots ever, countless delicacies and rewarding sensations are awaiting you ahead in the southern bound of the Emerald Island.

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