Just sweep to Hon Thom Islet with our super bonus cable car fare in 2019!!! From March 1, 2019, two-way cable car ticket fare is just VND150,000 for adults and VND100,000 for children. Particularly, greatest bonus is dedicated to Kien Giang locals at a price of VND100,000/adult and VND70,000/child.

Travel to Hon Thom Islet in 2019 and explore an unwinding maritime heaven on earth that wraps you around. You will be draped in the astonishing and otherworldly enchantment of the Southern Phu Quoc Sea from passenger cabins of the world’s longest sea crossing cable cars – 7,899.9m.

Travel to the Marble Island and dip your bare feet to silky smooth white sandy beaches and indulge yourselves in the sun and the azure sea. Nom Beach, Nam Beach, Chuong Beach or Chao Beach… to name a few in Hon Thom Islet, allure us all to their waves, or invite us to lie long under the coconut shade, listen to their beaming songs and the murmuring waves from afar. On Bam Beach and Chuong Beach, green and red aluminum roofed houses loom large by floating coracles and boats…

Hon Thom Island gives its whole heart to welcome visitors to its maritime realm, bounding of fresh seafood, verdant mango orchards, exuberant caimito trees and even radiant laughter under the tanning skin.

What’s more, countless exciting experiences are waiting you ahead. Plowing the waves on a canoe or kayaking to explore the Finger Islet, Retreating Cloud Islet or Dam Ngang Islet…

Let’s dive deeper into the azure boundlessness and marvel at the lively and colorful underwater world. Or you may simply delight in a cup of coffee and gaze at the melancholic sun rolling down the horizon off yonder.

There are just some of numerous joys awaiting you in Hon Thom Islet in Southern Phu Quoc. Don’t miss out on a trip of the lifetime, and a heaven on the Marble Island!!!

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