Good news in the cabin! From July 12, 2018, Hon Thom cable car management board will exempt shuttle bus to visitors in need. All you need to do is go wild, and of course on free ride. The commuting is never easier with Hon Thom Nature Park.

Passengers who want to get aboard from transits at Duong Dong Terminal (and vice versa) need no further bus fee incurred. The exemption saves you a big deal that should be spent on amusement, catering and shopping. Take a look at the shuttle bus schedule in the following quotation.

Buoyant time is summer glam

Also, between June 23, 2018 and September 30, 2018, Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park also carries out an irresistibly summer bonus program: Buy 1 adult ticket for 1 free children ticket. It’s available for children below 1.3m tall. It helps families with children below 1.3m tall enjoy themselves and save much by getting aboard Hon Thom cable cars, recorded as the longest sea-crossing system of the world. Alongside many other vibrant water sports.  In case you do not escort any children, much cheaper tickets are on sale in Phu Quoc Xanh, just for VND480,000. We will hand over tickets to you at the hotel in Duong Dong Town.







Should you never travel to Phu Quoc, set up a plan to stop by the Marble Island right now. The recent launch of three-wire Hon Thom Cable Car System has realized the dream of flying high on a sun drenched tropical island. The cable cars will hurl you up high above the clouds and take a panorama of the sunlit azure sky. With a smartpohone or camera, you can actually capture most spectacular moments of our incredible technological accomplishments, which enable this fabulous journey of 7.9km over the Gulf of Thailand.

  Passengers can get aboard the 7.9km-long cable car system crossing the sapphire waters of Thailand within 15 minutes before landing on splendid Hon Thom Islet, Hon Thom Cable Car System is designed with 75 passenger cabins that can accommodate 3,500 passengers/hour in total. It can operate at a maximum speed of 8.5mps (30.6kph). This astonishing speed earned the system an unbeatable record by smashing the previous one set by 30-TGD Psekhako system in Sochi, Russia for the fastest 3S gondola lift ever manufactured.  

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