Update entrance ticket price for Aquatopia Water Park

Entrance ticket to Aquatopia Water Park is the key to opening a unique, mysterious and attractive playing space in the paradise of southern Phu Quoc. With extremely affordable prices for interesting experiences, since its inception, this park has become the “HOTTEST” tourist destination in Phu Quoc.

Price list for entrance tickets to Aquatopia Water Park

Note: Children under 1m tall are free of charge for cable car tickets and Water Park entrance tickets.

The services included in tickets for Aquatopia Water Park

Buy Aquatopia Water Park tickets to participate in the journey to discover the most modern theme Water Park in Southeast Asia, experience 6 attractive check-in zones with mysterious aboriginal style, enjoy the culinary paradise with unique specialties only available at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

Thuỷ liêm động tại Aquatopia Hon Thom
Great play space at Aquatopia Water Park – Hon Thom

Especially, you also have the opportunity to experience 21 new, epic and modern games appearing for the first time in Vietnam. The whole games are designed by the world’s leading manufacturers: ProSlide Technology Inc (Canada) and Whitewater West Industries Ltd (Canada), which will surely bring unforgettable emotions, exciting moments of fun and play for visitors.

Aquatopia Water Park promises to be a fun, relaxing paradise marking a memorable trip with the whole family with many game areas for children and families to experience together.

Note when buying entrance tickets to Aquatopia Water Park

When buying entrance tickets to enjoy Aquatopia Water Park, you need to abide by the following notes:

  • Do not bring food and drinks into the Water Park;
  • The Water Park rescue team is present and oversees all games during operation to ensure the safety of visitors, however, for children, parental supervision is required;
  • Tourists need to travel by cable car to Hon Thom Island to get to the Water Park;
  • Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Therefore, visitors need to pay attention to arranging the time to enjoy the full playing time at the Water Park;
  • Water Park tickets use modern technology with chip bracelets, you can still freely travel, access the ticket gate.

Book entrance ticket to Aquatopia Water Park

The purchase of entrance tickets to the Aquatopia Water Park is relatively easy. Visitors can buy by 02 ways: Buy tickets directly on the Sun World homepage or buy tickets through reputable Sun World ticket agents.

Buy tickets directly on the Sun World homepage

Currently, buying tickets directly on Sun World’s online page is an extremely easy new way to participate in the journey to discover attractive destinations of Sun World in all regions of the country. Especially, customers who buy tickets online will be entitled to 5% OFF compared to the listed price.

To buy tickets online on the Sunworld home page, visit the link https://ticket.sunworld.vn/#/home?facility=7&step=2, select your travel dates and click “Confirm”. Next, visitors need to follow the instructions to be able to complete the ticket purchase process in this largest Water Park in Southeast Asia.

Buy tickets directly on the Sun World homepage
Buy tickets directly on the Sun World homepage

In addition, visitors can also buy entrance tickets to Aquatopia Water Park through the prestigious ticket agents of the Sun World or buy directly at the ticket counter of Aquatopia Water Park when coming to Hon Thom.

Using tickets at Aquatopia Water Park

Guests will be given a special band upon admission to Aquatopia. You can add money onto your band, allowing you to make cashless purchases in the Park for food, drinks and shopping.

Vòng tay sử dụng để mua bán vật phẩm tại Công viên nước Aquatopia Water Park
 Aquatopia band that can be used to buy items inside the Park without having to carry your wallet.

Notes when buying tickets at Aquatopia Water Park

  • Remember to bring cash to pay at the ticket counter. (In the near time, Sun World will integrate other forms of payment like Credit card or QR code)
  • At fun spots in the water park, Sun World applies to payment via Bracelet and cash. For other forms of payment, Sun World would support it in the near time.
  • Any amount left of your band at the end of your visit will be refunded to you.
Du khách mua vé vào cửa công viên Hòn Thơm Aquatopia Water Park khi đến Hòn Thơm.
Visitors can buy entrance tickets to Hon Thom Aquatopia Water Park when coming to Hon Thom.

A paradise of thrilling adventure experiences and thrilling games are waiting for you to discover! Don’t hesitate, book ticket to Aquatopia Water Park now



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