Top most famous eateries on Hon Thom island 

What to eat at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park? Eating is not only a taste but also a separate, impressive emotion to make the trip a truly memorable journey, saving unforgettable moments when coming to Hon Thom Phu Quoc.

San Ga Cafe

  • Operation time: 17h – 22h.
  • Serves: drinks, snacks, cakes
  • Location: Cable car departure station – An Thoi station.

San Ga Cafe is famous for the coffee roasted from pure coffee beans, without impurities, made with a dedicated machine to bring the rich flavor and typical scent. Besides, the restaurant also serves some snacks and cakes.

The restaurant is located right in the departure station of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park cable car system, promising to be an interesting stop for visitors before joining the journey to explore the Southern Phu Quoc sea and sky.

Extensive drinks menu at San Ga Cafe 
Extensive drinks menu at San Ga Cafe (source: SW)

Panorama Cafe

  • Operation time: 8h00 – 21h00.
  • Serves: In addition to coffee and drinks, the cafe offers guests snacks such as pho, salted egg dumplings or fried sausages.
  • Location: Cable car departure station – An Thoi station. 

Panorama Cafe at Hon Thom Cable car departure station (An Thoi station) is a famous place and attracts many visitors when coming to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Not only by the diverse and special cuisines to relax before spending the whole day having fun, exploring Hon Thom; Panorama Cafe is true to its name, where you can see the whole blue sky on a sunny day in Southern Phu Quoc while sipping a light coffee, or resting and enjoying the romantic sunset descending on the sky after the end of the exciting trip. 

At Panorama Cafe, all foods and drinks are listed at prices ranging from VND 25,000 to VND 400,000 with a variety of options for visitors. 

From Panorama Cafe you can see the whole vast sky and beautiful nature of the Pearl Island, which will surely make every visitor bewitched. Therefore, on the journey to discover the tropical paradise Hon Thom, do not miss the fascinating scenery from Panorama Cafe

Panorama cafe Hòn Thơm tuyệt đẹp trong cảnh hoàng hôn (Nguồn: Sun World)
Panorama cafe at Hon Thom Nature Park (Source: SW)

Three-region buffet restaurant

  • Operation time: 11h30 – 15h00.
  • Serves: Vietnamese dishes
  • Location: Bai Trao, Hon Thom island.

Going to the beach is definitely a must to enjoy fresh seafood, but do not miss the special delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. The three-region buffet restaurant is ready to serve typical Vietnamese dishes such as traditional cakes, grilled dishes, soups, noodles… The diverse three-region cuisine here surely satisfies all tastes.

Nhà hàng buffet 3 miền tại Sun World
Three-region buffet restaurant at Hon Thom Nature Park (Source: SW)

With a price of only VND 250,000/ person for an extremely attractive culinary experience, three-region buffet restaurant will definitely be an option not to be missed for you and your family when visiting Hon Thom. 

Sunshine Restaurant and Coffee

  • Operation time: 8:00 – 18:00.
  • Serves: fast food and drinks.
  • Location: Cable car arrival station – Hon Thom Station.

Coming to Hon Thom, you will be immersed in a fresh, spacious atmosphere with fresh nature, stopping at Sunshine Restaurant & Coffee to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy a full meal to save energy for the journey to discover Hon Thom.

Sunshine restaurant and coffee Hòn Thơm cực kỳ độc đáo (Nguồn: Sun World)
Sunshine Restaurant and Coffee at Hon Thom (source: SW)

The space is designed simply, cozy, with a diverse attractive menu of fast food from pizza, fried chicken, burger (sandwiches), pasta… to tropical fruit drinks. 

AnBa Coffee

  • Operation time: 7h00 – 22h00
  • Serves: drinks, pho and seafood rice.
  • Location: Cable Car arrival station, Hon Thom (next to KOI aquarium)

 The cafe is decorated in a garden style, naturally friendly, bringing a rustic and close indigenous culture. Coming here, you will enjoy delicious cups and attractive drinks such as cocoa banana smoothie, orange peach tea, black tea… in a romantic, dreamy, extremely green space.

An Ba Coffee có khung cảnh rất nên thơ
AnBa Coffee at Hon Thom (Source: SW) 

The shop is located right on Hon Thom, don’t forget to visit AnBa to enjoy cool drinks and unique scenery here.

Coming to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, you will be able to meet all culinary needs with many different processing styles. The combination of local ingredients and a variety of recipes will bring subtle, interesting and emotional culinary experiences! Hopefully with the information provided above, “What to eat at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park” will no longer be what makes you wonder.


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