[SUMMARY] A to Z – travel experience to Hon Thom Island, Phu Quoc

 Famous for the pristine poetic nature like paradise, Hon Thom Island, Phu Quoc is like a hidden jewel among the nature of the Southern “pearl island” Phu Quoc, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. If you are planning to explore Hon Thom, prepare yourself the A to Z – travel experience to Hon Thom Island, Phu Quoc for the best experience!

Travelling to Hon Thom

Travelling is probably the first concern of most tourists to Hon Thom Phu Quoc. Is a very special destination, because right at the start of the trip to Hon Thom, you will enter an extremely interesting journey to explore the island, experience the feeling of “flying” in the air and enjoy a full 360 degree view of the emerald blue sea sparkling in the sun. Hon Thom Cable Car will take you from An Thoi Station on the large island of Phu Quoc to the center of Hon Thom with an affordable cost and it is very time saving.

It only takes 15 minutes to travel, you will experience the wonderful feeling when sitting on the world’s most modern 3-wire cable car. The whole journey of 7899.9m starting from An Thoi station, passing Hon Dua, Hon Roi to Hon Thom is the journey of mixing with the sky of Phu Quoc, zooming in from the top to explore the whole majestic nature, the pristine paradise in the Southern Island of pearls.

Tuyến cáp treo dài nhất thế giới được thiết kế công nghệ 3 dây hiện đại và tiên tiến nhất trên thế giới
Cable car is the only way to get to Hon Thom

In order to get to An Thoi Station to buy a cable car ticket, from Duong Dong town, you can travel by many different means such as taxi, tourist car or public bus. If you like backpacking, you can rent a motorbike to go straight to An Thoi station and park it here.

An Thoi Station with ancient Roman architecture is a very "excellent" check-in point that attracts visitors 
An Thoi Station with ancient Roman architecture is a very “excellent” check-in point that attracts visitors

An Thoi Station has a large scientifically arranged ticketing space, so it is very easy for visitors to move from the ticket counters to the cable car area. Maximum capacity of each cabin is 30 people, with 36 cabins operating continuously, you will not have to wait. A tip for visitors when traveling by cable car is that the Hon Thom cable car ticket is a two-way ticket, you will not have to show the return ticket, but you should keep the ticket stub in case you need to check information.

What to play in Hon Thom

Hon Thom is not only famous for its poetic natural scenery but also the home to many of Phu Quoc’s most gorgeous tourist attractions. If you have a day to explore Hon Thom, the schedule below will surely give you the best experience on this beautiful island.

Lost at An Thoi departure station, Phu Quoc

Dubbed the “Roman Colosseum” of Vietnam, with Mediterranean architecture imprints, An Thoi station in Phu Quoc is the first attractive destination in the journey to discover the romantic Hon Thom. Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the splendid ancient beauty with huge bee-tiled walls, the charming winding arches, the unique artistic artificial “ruin” scenes.

All details in the architecture of An Thoi Station are carefully sculpted, meticulously, recreating a space with a “Mediterranean” style that is unique and extremely attractive. You will feel very small and overwhelmed between the majestic space and the “Western” scenery when you come here. An Thoi Station promises to be a very hot unique check-in point for tourists when traveling to Phu Quoc.

Vẻ đẹp cổ kính tựa chốn thiên đường, chỉ cần chụp ở Ga An Thới là có ngay ảnh cực “chất” để sống ảo
Ancient beauty is like heaven, just shooting at An Thoi Station, you will have very “cool” photos to post on your social networks (source: collect)

Experiencing the longest cable car system in the world

Recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world longest cable car route with a length of 7899.9m, Hon Thom cable car always surprises visitors with modern design, the absolute safety in the journey crossing the sea. The cable car compartment is spaciously designed with 4 glass sides, so you can freely explore the cloudy sky of the southern beautiful pearl island.

Chỉ với 15 phút đi cáp treo, du khách có thể vượt biển dài gần 8000m để đến với Hòn Thơm nhẹ nhàng với trải nghiệm tuyệt vời khi được ngắm biển từ trên cao
Comfortable and large space in the cable car makes visitors have the best experience in the journey across the sea

Seeing southern Phu Quoc paradise from above, with emerald blue sea, small ripples, soft white sandy beaches and wild primary forests is extremely overwhelming experience and this will be an unforgettable impression on every tourist. Especially, if you watch the romantic sunset on this modern cable car system, you will hardly be able to forget the wonderful paradise here.

Hon Thom arrival station, Phu Quoc

The stop of Hon Thom Cable Car is Hon Thom arrival station. Visitors will be surprised and interested in the unique architecture of the arrival station, inspired by the unspoiled nature of Hon Thom, a rustic, peaceful space with bamboo lanterns like the crayfish traps, fish caught by fishermen hang everywhere artistically, old brick-colored walls intertwined with ancient wooden columns and arches that are cozy, simple and extremely close to nature.

Hồ cá Koi với những chú cá nhiều màu sắc trong không gian miệt vườn thơ mộng ở ga đến Hòn Thơm
Koi aquarium with colorful fish in a poetic garden space at Hon Thom arrival station

In addition, at the arrival station, visitors will certainly not be able to ignore the unique 1-0-2 check-in zones inspired by wild aboriginal culture and unique unspoiled nature. Do not forget to take “great” pictures at the lantern house and the funny Tiki statues.

Nhà đèn lồng - điểm check in cực “hot” không thể bỏ lỡ tại ga đến Hòn Thơm
Lantern House – extremely hot check-in point not to be missed at Hon Thom arrival station

In particular, at arrival station and on Hon Thom beach, Sun World offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy vibrant, colorful art shows from the fire dance to magic, stilts to passionate dances, hot performances by international dancers and artists that will definitely make your journey to discover Hon Thom more vivid and colorful.

Discovering unspoiled nature in Hon Thom

From Hon Thom arrival station, spending just 5 minutes by buggy tram, you can set foot on the romantic Hon Thom beach. Standing in the middle of pristine, pure nature with shady old forests, coconut groves or mango orchards each season, the clear turquoise sea, you will find Hon Thom even more beautiful than what the press praises.

With the criteria of respecting the pristine beauty of the island, Sun World retains the original unspoiled nature on Hon Thom island. There are also many beautiful and impressive check-in destinations. Therefore, travel enthusiasts will be satisfied when arriving on this beautiful island. Make sure that your camera and phone are fully charged to be ready to take photos and videos at any time.

Bai Trao

Coming to Hon Thom, visitors can comfortably swim, enjoy the beautiful pristine seas like the Maldives at Bai Trao. Clear blue sea such as pearls, white sand, sunshine and tropical green coconut trees will make a day at Hon Thom Island perfect.

Thiên nhiên Bãi Trào, Hòn Thơm đẹp nao lòng với biển xanh trong nhìn thấy tận đáy, những rặng dừa già đung đưa trong gió, bãi cát trắng mịn, ánh nắng dịu dàng
Bai Trao nature, Hon Thom is beautiful with the clear blue sea seeing the bottom, the rows of old coconut swaying in the wind, smooth white sand, gentle sunshine

Moreover, coming to Bai Trao, visitors also enjoy the unique games on the sea. Colorful float houses floating on the sea surface provide a fun and refreshing experience that will be suitable for families with young children. Kayaks, canoes, water bikes and paragliding… are extremely exciting games for couples, groups of friends to have fun, enjoy the thrills.

Trò chơi tại Sun World Hòn Thơm
Floating House on Bai Trao is suitable for groups of friends and families with many interesting challenges and interesting experiences

Coffees, drinks and food in the tourist area

In addition, visitors coming to play at Hon Thom can also experience the unique cafes, brand new restaurants on Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park that are “heart-stopping” to thousands of visitors. Tourists can comfortably enjoy attractive, diverse menu, check in with the “cool” corners that you can hardly find anywhere else.

Water park

Finally, if you come to Hon Thom to experience an unforgettable day at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, you definitely cannot miss the Aquatopia Water Park, which is about to open in December 2019.

Aquatopia Water Park ra mắt tháng 12/2019
Aquatopia Water Park is about to be launched in December 2019 with a lot of new and interesting experiences for the first time in Vietnam

Thrill fans will surely find it hard to miss 21 adventure games designed by the world’s leading manufacturers, inspired by wild nature and shipwreck legends, jungle beast, mysterious treasure…

Visitors will experience the extreme feeling when sliding on the unexpectedly winding lanes, discovering the “extreme” games for the first time in Vietnam, a lot of emotions from suspense, fear, excitement, refreshment that awakens your inner courage, and maybe you’ll discover a very different part of yourself.

21 trò chơi hấp dẫn tại Aquatopia Water Park
Discovering thrilling games for the first time in Vietnam at Sun World Hon Thom

In particular, this unique water park is also designed with 6 unique check-in areas from wild, mysterious aboriginal style, to tropical fruits, giant sea monsters and scary pirates. Coming to exciting games, endless festivals and beautiful landscapes here will definitely make a full day of visitors at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park perfect, unforgettable in life.

Đến Bãi Khem, đừng bỏ lỡ Sun World Nature Park (Nguồn: Tập đoàn Sun Group)
Do not miss Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park when traveling to Phu Quoc

In case visitors have 2 to 3 days to visit Southern Phu Quoc Island, you can experience more interesting places such as:

Bai Nom – The pure peaceful features of the sky

If traveling to Phu Quoc, tourists should not miss Bai Nom – an arc that leads you to the beautiful East Sea. Bai Nom is quite popular with tourists because of its smooth waves, calm sea and extreme safety. Clear blue sea can be seen to the bottom. Two mountain ranges on both sides make Bai Nom a gentle arc shape.

Bai Khem – Shocked at Phu Quoc fairyland

Bai Khem is a beach with two unique sides adjacent to the sea, with wild, romantic beauty along with the winding coastline, the natural beauty of Bai Khem will make any fastidious tourists fall in love.

Ong Doi Cape – Admiring the sunrise and sunset at the same point

Ong Doi Cape is located in the southwest of Phu Quoc Island, possessing up to two unique sea sides, this is a place where visitors can watch the sunset and sunrise over the same spot. The extremely majestic rock rapids combined with primeval forests, fairy well relics… are the things that have attracted tourists to this place. Ong Doi Cape is located close to Bai Khem, so visitors can consider to enjoy both places when they have time.

Cảnh hoàng hôn lãng mạn, thơ mộng trên Mũi Ông Đội
Ong Doi Cape – Admiring the sunrise and sunset at the same point

Discovering Bai Sao – one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc

Coming to Phu Quoc, tourists should once set foot on this famous Bai Sao. This beach is 7km long, has a curved shape like a romantic moon. With pure white, smooth-as-cream sand, blue water and green mountain landscape surrounded, Bai Sao is one of the great places to take a rest when coming to Phu Quoc.

Ham Ninh fishing village – infatuated beauty

Ham Ninh Fishing Village – the place for thousands of eye-catching check-in photos on the east of Phu Quoc Island, about 30km from Hon Thom, is the next fun place you should try if you come to Hon Thom Phu Quoc. Coming here, you can explore the interesting life of the fishing village people, you can catch and enjoy the fresh and attractive seafood by yourself, and especially take pleasure in the unspoiled, simple nature; the sun and the moon floating on the sea attract people.

With beautiful destinations like dreams, unique and interesting games for all ages, traveling to Hon Thom, Phu Quoc is always a journey with 1-0-2 attractive experiences for each tourist when arrived in Pearl Island paradise.

Eating and drinking in Hon Thom

Hon Thom is not only famous for extremely “fun” places, but the experience of exploring the dining paradise in Hon Thom, Phu Quoc will also make tourists “fall in love” with this extremely attractive destination.

What to eat in Hon Thom?

3-region buffet restaurant

Coming to Hon Thom, you definitely cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the attractive and unique specialties of Phu Quoc at 3-region Buffet Restaurant located on Bai Trao. With only VND 250,000 for adults and VND 125,000 for children, you can enjoy countless specialties from the south to the north, from the forest to the sea… in the romantic, simple but romantic natural setting.

Thực đơn phong phú của các nhà hàng trên đảo Hòn Thơm
The extensive menu with food from local specialties, helps visitors discover more delicious food

Kiosk snack shop at Bai Trao

If you are a fan of snacking, you can visit the junk food kiosk at Bai Trao with typical Phu Quoc snacks such as kheo cake, cong cake, pancake, jaggery cake… These are just the best in Phu Quoc, especially the price here is extremely affordable, only from VND 10,000 – VND 50,000 / set for you to choose.

Sunshine Restaurant & Coffee

Besides, if you want to find a restaurant with attractive menus, delicious food, romantic and peaceful space with many checkpoints in Hon Thom, you can visit Sunshine Restaurant & Coffee.

Located in the Core Area of ​​Hon Thom tourist area, the restaurant is open from 8am to 6pm with prices ranging from VND 40,000 to 400,000, coming here, visitors are not only fascinated with the wild nature, watching the koi fish but also enjoy professional service of the staff here; it will make your meal at Hon Thom special than ever.

What to drink in Hon Thom

AnBa Coffee Shop

AnBa Coffee shop is located right at the arrival station of the cable car, next to the KOI aquarium at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Coming here, you can enjoy delicious and attractive drinks such as banana cacao smoothie, orange peach tea, black tea… in a romantic and extremely relaxing green space.

An Ba Coffee có khung cảnh rất nên thơ
AnBa coffee with poetic scenery, garden style is friendly with nature

The shop is open all day from 7:00 – 22:00, with a diverse menu not only drinks but also with Phu Quoc style seafood or unique traditional pho taste, do not forget to visit AnBa for unique experiences!

 San Ga Cafe

Tourists can go to San Ga Cafe at An Thoi departure station to sip genuine coffee cups in the evening, contemplate the beautiful scenery at night of the sea and sky of South Phu Quoc. The restaurant is open from 17:00 to 22:00 with prices ranging from VND 30,000 to VND 400,000, an impressive open space mingling with nature with the unique ancient architecture at San Ga Cafe will “fascinate” you from the first moment.

Sân ga cafe về đêm đẹp lung linh giữa biển trời Nam Phú Quốc  
Mysterious dreaming space of San Ga Cafe at night

Panorama Cafe

Panorama Cafe is one of the not-to be missed places to enjoy drinks with fast food, coffee and diverse drinks. The shop is located at the cable car An Thoi arrival station, open from 8:00 to 21:00. Tourists can enjoy drinks when waiting for the cable car at this place.

Where to stay in Hon Thom?

Currently, there is no place to stay in Hon Thom. Therefore, visitors need to move to another place on Phu Quoc Island to have a place to stay.

With the criteria of building a resort: respecting the natural beauty, preserving the nature, the utilities on Phu Quoc island are well invested to fit in with the local culture and brings comfort for tourists. For memorable moments here, you should consider:

Premier Village

Located on the beautiful Bai Khem, Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort is known as a vibrant, extremely unique song to help find the peace between the hustle and bustle of life in Phu Quoc.

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Resort

The famous JW Marriott Phu Quoc Resort is located at Bao Khem Phu Quoc, not far from Hon Thom Phu Quoc. This resort is known for its beautiful and luxurious scenery and has even been chosen by singer Min to be the filming location for the MV “Có em chờ” which has been a hit in the past.

Coming to JW Marriott Phu Quoc Resort, visitors will enjoy the impressive 5-star private scallop swimming pool, bar system, quality restaurant, beautiful natural scenery with cool check-in corners. Here, you will have thousands of extremely memorable photos.

Premier Residences Phu Quoc

If you come to Hon Thom Phu Quoc, you can think of choosing Premier Residences Phu Quoc, located at Ong Doi Cape, Bai Khem. This is also one of the high-end resorts, inheriting Bai Khem – the top 100 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2018.

The impressive design of the “fish sauce barrel” of Premier Residences Phu Quoc will surely give visitors an unforgettable experience upon arrival. In addition to a swimming pool by the sea, attractive underwater games, visitors can choose from a Jeep service to enjoy from South to North of Phu Quoc Island at Premier Residences.

Tips when traveling Hon Thom

Do not miss the following tips to have a wonderful journey to discover Hon Thom, Phu Quoc.

The most beautiful time to go to Hon Thom, Phu Quoc

When traveling to Hon Thom Phu Quoc, visitors should note that the best time is from November this year to April next year. This is the dry season in Phu Quoc, the weather is cool, the sun is warm and soft, the sea is clear, very much more beautiful than the rainy season, suitable for swimming and other outdoor activities.

If you travel during the rainy season between May and October, you may encounter heavy rains or large waves that limit outdoor activities, in addition to these rains, it will make the roads slippery because the roads in Phu Quoc are mostly dirt roads. But if you travel this season, you can watch the weather forecast carefully and have backup plans for traveling in rainy season.

Tips when traveling by Hon Thom cable car

In order not to miss the cable car time, visitors should note that the cable car in Hon Thom will stop operating at 19:00 and have lunch break at 12h00 – 13h30. Therefore, you should keep in mind your playing time so that 19h00 you can get on the cable car to return to the mainland and do not have to wait long when the cable car takes lunch break.

Lịch chạy của cáp treo Hòn Thơm
Carble car timetable at Hon Thom

Hon Thom Phu Quoc not only impresses the wild, romantic nature with clouds, but also the extreme excitement in the water park, the warm repercussion of Ham Ninh fishing village to the good, honest  fishermen. The subtle salty taste of the sea, the sun, the wind of Hon Thom that no place has will be an unforgettable aftertaste in the hearts of every visitor arriving in the southern paradise of Pearl Island.

Hopefully the sharing of Phu Quoc Hon Thom travel experience will help you have a wonderful trip to experience Hon Thom. Thank you and see you again!

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