In celebration of a Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig 2019, the most vibrant springtime ever is due to preside over Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Sailing over the sea and breaking into green isles in the first days of the year are just most desirable experiences for any visitors to start a year anew. In particular, between February 5 to 14, 2019 (or from Lunar January 1 to 10), Hon Thom cable cars offer a truly enviable incentive: entry tickets now charge only VND200,000 per adult and VND130,000 per child.

The world’s longest sea crossing cable car route – 7,899.9m – carries visitors on a delightful journey above nine clouds where visitors capture the 360-degree view of the fairylike scenery of the sea, scattered isles, green jungles and sandy beaches on An Thoi Islands in the south of Phu Quoc.

From atop the abutment standing 20m on Hon Thom Islet, the whole scenery of the finest isles of Southern Phu Quoc is well within sight, and clearer than ever, as if one just holds out his hands to touch and even feel the glinting rocky gems down there that proudly stand on the dark blue sea.

Join your friends in a trek in Hon Thom Islet within two hours, visitors may spot out a secluded beach on the rapid. The beach boasts natural rocks of all shapes, colourful coral reefs and even the tantalizing sapphire blue sea never fails to capture your thrilled hearts.

As dusk wanes, it is time the Perfume Islet gets us all totally head over heel. The sunset casts its fading gleam over the giant sphinx-like rock with its body lying long on the sea. According to local fishermen, not everyone is blessed with such a view of the divine twilight. Even veteran seafarers may find it an incredible luck to witness the sphinx rock carrying the sun as their boats get off the sea.

To start a year anew with numerous attractive beach sports: kite surfing, bounce house, coral diving, sea walking, kayaking, etc. simply enhance your already rewarding and memorable vacation.

In the Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig 2019, you should definitely pack up and head for Hon Thom Islet to really touch the Marble Islands. Countless games and vibrancy are waiting ahead. Don’t hesitate, just stand up and join the big party off the sea.

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