Top 7 not-to-be-missed games in Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park 

Top 7 games at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park are not just sea games that you can find at any beach. It is a completely different experience: challenging and vibrant but also extremely romantic in front of the beauty of Hon Thom sky and sea!

Kayaking to enjoy the sky and sea waiting for sunrise

Kayaking is a game at Sun World that helps you experience the unspoiled nature of Hon Thom in a very private way. Your are surrounded by immense blue sea, the sky is high, the waves are peaceful.

Đến Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park đừng bỏ qua chèo thuyền Kayak (Nguồn: Sun World)
Go to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, do not skip kayaking (Source: Sun World)

You only need to wear a lifesaver to ensure it is possible to perform kayaking on the wonderful sea surface of Bai Trao, Hon Thom. Beautiful sparkling sunsets will create unforgettable moments for your trip.

As a rule, a kayak can carry only 2 players. To ensure safety, visitors should not jump, climb into a boat without a lifesaver.

The beach game at Hon Thom has full safety supervision and lifesavers. And kayaking is a free game at Sun World. However, families with young children should pay attention and consult a technician to ensure safety.

Enjoy a long day with a float house for the whole family

In the middle of the blue sea, the high sky and the scenery of Southern Phu Quoc, visitors can unite the family with a game on the sea for free, which is a float house. As a giant floating model on the sea, divided into many small models, the float house at Bai Trao is an exciting playground for all members of the family, enjoying the clear blue water of Phu Quoc sea. The game is designed to be easy for all family members to enjoy exciting moments together. Tourists must wear lifesavers to ensure safety. Families with young children should consider safety before playing.

Nhà phao giúp gia đình trở nên gắn kết (Nguồn: Sun World)
Floating houses help unite families (Source: Sun World)

This game is also extremely suitable for crowded groups. Friends can play on the space of the unique floating house on the sea. We are sure that you can have thousands of funny videos and photos while playing at the float house of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

Water motorcycle

Thrill lovers should not miss one of the extremely interesting beach games at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park – Water motorcycle. Visitors will just experience the feeling of suspense and overwhelmed in the vast ocean waves. Soaring on the water at high speed, mixing in the salty sea breeze leaving behind the white foam will surely be an extremely lively and exciting experience.

Trải nghiệm mô tô nước tại Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park (Nguồn: Sun World)
Experiencing water motorcycle at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park (Source: Sun World)

The cost to experience a 10 minute water motorcycle is VND 600,000 and VND 850,000 for 15 minutes of experience. When riding a water motorcycle, like any of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park’s unique beach games, visitors are equipped with a lifesaver and are supervised and supported by the security guards on BaiTrao.

Single parasailing

Touching the golden sunshine, soaring between the winds, admiring the beautiful natural picture of Hon Thom beach from the air is one of the most unforgettable experiences for visitors to the beautiful pearl island.

The cost for a 10 minute paragliding is VND 800,000. When playing, make sure to wear a lifesaver and do not hold the phone in your hand. If you want to capture the beauty of Hon Thom landscape from above, do not forget the dashcam or the phone pouch to avoid crashing.

Chạm vào mây, lướt bay cùng gió với cano kéo dù lượn tại Sun World Nature Park (Nguồn: Sun World)
Touching the clouds, surfing with the wind and parasailing at Sun World Nature Park (Source: Sun World)

The game is not for people who are afraid of heights, with cardiovascular diseases, pregnant women and children. Therefore, to ensure safety, visitors should strictly follow the regulations of Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

Ski Tube Surfer

With only 850,000 VND, visitors can experience the excitement of joining the Ski Tube Surfer for 10 minutes. The game is suitable for couples, a group of friends or parents who want to give their kids a challenging and thrilling experience.

Cano kéo sofa - trò chơi ở Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park không nên bỏ qua (Nguồn: Sun World)
Ski Tube Surfer – game at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park should not be missed (Source: Sun World)

The feeling of being fully immersed in the blue sea is when being in the middle of the white foam, beautiful blue water and gliding between the vast sky. These are the things that Ski Tube Surfer player will experience in 10 minutes of playing. Do not forget, when playing, visitors need to wear a lifesaver carefully to ensure safety, visitors suffering from seasick should consider before participating.

Banana Surfer

An attractive option for groups of friends is the extremely excited challenge of Banana Surfer. It can allow up to 6 players/ time, Banana Surfer will be an interesting and cost-saving team experience for your group at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park, with the price of 850,000 VND/ 10 minutes of experience.

Chơi cano kéo phao chuối cực vui cho nhóm bạn bè tại Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park (Nguồn: Sun World)
Playing Banana Surfer for friends at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park (Source: Sun World)

When playing Banana Surfer, visitors need to ensure safety by wearing lifesavers carefully. Always strap firmly to both have fun and ensure safety for yourself.

Diving with scuba

An experience not to be missed when coming to Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park is to explore the magical ocean, enjoy swimming with the big and small fishes, see the colorful coral reefs and touch the most famous coral reef in Phu Quoc.

Đắm mình trong thế giới đại dương bao la và khám phá cuộc sống hoang dã nhộn nhịp diệu kỳ dưới biển ở Hòn Thơm, Phú Quốc (Nguồn: SW)
Immerse yourself in the ocean world and explore the magical bustling wildlife in the sea in Hon Thom, Phu Quoc (Source: SW)

One special thing of this experience is that visitors who can swim or cannot can participate, this is an opportunity for those who are “afraid of water” to freely explore the colorful world under the ocean.

Each journey of 30 minutes is not enough to explore all the mysterious world in the vast ocean but also brings exciting and surprising experiences. You should pay attention to follow the rules and instructions of the guide to have a safe and wonderful journey to explore the seabed!

 Tips for visitors who want to experience the unique beach games at Sun World Nature Park:

  • Operating time: 9am – 5pm
  • There are many other services for you to refer here
Bảng giá dịch vụ trò chơi tại Sun World
Beach service price list (Source: SW)

 Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park is a paradise of amusement in the heart of the beautiful Southern Phu Quoc with many unique and fun entertainment activities not to be missed. It is hoped that the games at Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park introduced in this article will help tourist be best prepared to have the perfect experience when visiting Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Have a nice trip. See you again.

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